HFC’s Student Art and Design Exhibition

"Beads" by Taylor Jenkins | 1st Place Winner

The Mirror News recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the director of exhibitions of the Sisson Gallery, Steve Glazer. The gallery’s annual Student Art and Design Exhibition features Henry Ford College students and runs through April 13. Visitors can admire some award winning art pieces such as “Beads” by Taylor Jenkins, “Wedding Glasses” by Michael Benyi and “Cause Project” by Mario Hernandez, to name a few.

The exhibit features a wide array of different forms and mediums of artistic expression from self-portraits to photography to clay figures. It is truly an exhibit like no other; each artwork displayed is different from the last, and each tells a story that is all its own. The student artists come from diverse backgrounds, and while the artwork created is not always trying to convey the theme of diversity to its audience, several pieces challenge us to think critically about current social, economic and health challenges. For instance, a pop can covered with gold tacks with the points outward by Shandra Dicks titled “Texture Change” seems to question consumerism and how we are drawn to products that are actually harmful to the body.

The student art and design exhibit was brought together with the help and support of faculty and local artists to honor the talents of HFC students. The art faculty sponsored awards that were presented during a gallery reception that gives the student artists the experience of a professional opening. Each award recognizes the exceptional talent of the individual student and the art education they received at HFC.

Glazer, who has hosted internationally renown artists at the Sisson Gallery, helps to put the Student Art and Design Exhibit in context: “The artwork presented here is a salon style of work. It is also faculty selected work throughout the course of the school year and is a good representation of what is taught in the classroom.” Glazer, who has been an art instructor for nearly 40 years at various institutions, credits the opportunity to work with the diverse group of students at HFC to being the highlight of his teaching career.

Although the exhibit will only remain open for another week, it is one that shouldn’t be missed. To support the Henry Ford College Student Art and Design Exhibition, please visit the McKenzie Fine Arts Building “F,” to discover the talent and passion on display at the Sisson Gallery.