Career Resources Center

A new center has opened on HFC’s campus this fall. The Career Resource Center (CRC) is a joint project between the HFC Counseling Division and the Career Services Office. There are many ways in which the Career Resource Center can help you to determine the best path for you at Henry Ford College.

Self-exploration: The CRC can help you begin to analyze what is truly important to you when it comes to your career. There are so many factors that can determine a person’s success in a chosen field and first among those is a strong sense of self. You must understand yourself by knowing what you care about, how you work best, and what type of work inspires you in order to truly find a career that matters. Doing a job just because the money is good is not enough! Let the CRC staff help you explore your interests through guided assessments and career discussions.

Exploring your major: Picking a major is an important step in the college development process, but picking a major shouldn’t be done without a thorough examination of self. Choosing the wrong major can often lead to students not doing as well as they should. Students need to fully understand what committing to a major means in regards to classes, industry, additional requirements, and skill sets. The CRC can help you explore all possible majors and figure out what you will need to bring to the table! Career and industry exploration: At the end of the day you need to take your degree or certificate and turn it into a paying job! You have to find out what jobs are available and what sort of market there may be for the skill sets you have developed. The CRC can point you in the right direction and give you the resources to fully understand the job market, both locally and nationally.

The CRC is located adjacent to the Counseling and Career Services Office in building “A” on HFC’s main campus. Stop by between 9am and 2pm, Monday through Thursday for assistance.