Networking Tips to Guarantee Success!

Networking will always be key to career success. It is something you have to work at in order to have the career you deserve. Here are some tips to help you along the way

  • Print up business cards. Contact info, target job market and a great (appropriate) quote will help you be remembered after the networking event ends

  • Network all the time. Don't just network when you are hunting for a job. Consider it something you need to do regularly to grow as a professional.

  • Offer as much as you ask for. Don't go into what you need right away. Look for opportunities to be a resource to others before you get in to what they can do for you

*Get it down to the essentials. No one wants to network with someone that drones on and on. Get your 'elevator speech" down to a crisp 30-45 seconds. Give them an overview, get the contact information, engage in some chitchat and move on.

*Follow up. A connection is only useful if it is maintained. You have to follow up with someone in order to cement the connection. A contact isn't going to remember someone they talked to at a party once. They will remember you if you establish a connection and engage with them regularly in a meaningful way.

  • Be you and only you. Don't try to be someone that you are not. Stay true to who you are. Be polite and use good manners. They will take you far!
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