Looking for a Co-op/Internship?

Summer is the ideal time to look for a job related to your program of study. Most students take the summer off from classes and have a flexible work schedule. Why not look for a position where you can apply your classroom learning to a real job. You may even be able to get college credit for it. (But you still have to pay for the credits.)

Here at HFC we call this Cooperative Education (Co-op). Some employers use the term internship, but the key is finding a position that relates directly to your program.

At HFC, there are six programs that require students to complete a Co-op in order to graduate. They are Administrative and Information Management, Architecture/Construction Technology, Automotive Service Management (both Business and Technical Concentrations, Electrical Technology (required for all certificates of achievement), Culinary Arts, and Hotel/Restaurant Management. Even if your program doesn’t require a Co-op, it is strongly recommended by lead faculty in many programs at HFC, as it is a valuable bridge between classroom theory and a full time position in the field.

Upon graduation, a Co-op experience can give students a more confident launch into their career, and provide the necessary experience that many employers require. Students must have completed over half of their core classes, and have at least a 2.5 GPA in those classes in order to qualify for a Co-op. Find out more information at careers.hfcc.edu.

If you are a first year student, or it will be awhile before you are able to complete your degree, you may not be ready for a Co-op. In that case, look for a position that could be a stepping stone, where you could observe what goes on. For example, if you want to work in a health care setting, but don’t have a license or certification yet, but you do have computer skills, then apply for a front office position. Search for positions using words like entry, trainee, or student to help filter positions that would be a good starting point.

If you need additional help looking for a summer position, check out HFC Job Leads at careers.hfcc.edu or just come to the Career Services Office in A-113.

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