The Power of Human Potential

The Human Potential Seminar (COUN 110) is offered as a student development course by the Counseling Division. This course is designed to promote positive thinking though goal setting, values clarification, identification of motivational themes, and personal strength awareness. The true purpose of the course is to build positive self confidence. The class uses the group process to insure positive group interaction and positive feedback.

Goal setting focuses on both short and long terms goals. The key to effective short and long term goal setting is the ten step criteria for successful goal achievement. Values clarification involves the identification of your top five values by analyzing your daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

Positive motivation promotes academic, career, and life success. Motivation can be internal and/or external. The course helps you to identify your primary motivators by using a motivational chart. Strength awareness is the next process after discovering motivational themes. The strength awareness process is the linkage to building a list of 25 strengths and discuss how you use them.

The power of the Human Potential Seminar (COUN 110) is in the process of the mental shift to think positive which can translate into positive action. The Counseling Divisions offers a number of student development courses such as Career Exploration (COUN 120), Life Work Planning (COUN 125), Stress Management (COUN 114), Active Parenting (COUN 128), Issues in Personal Growth (COUN 119), Assertiveness Training (COUN 115) and College Success (COLL 101). These student development courses are geared to assist students with positive developmental tools and skills to function successfully in an educational environment.

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