Rose’s Fine Food: Living Wages and Food to Die For

A lunch is plated on several small, fancy plates. The main plate features a hash.
Photo by Kelly Pettit

Rose’s Fine Food is a Detroit brunch diner located on East Jefferson. The eatery uses farm-raised and foraged ingredients from local suppliers such as Westwind Milling, Mark Szymoniak, Ghost Acre Farm, Jones Produce, Zienart Eggs, Green Toe Gardens, and Holtz Farm. In addition to using home-grown and locally-produced food, the team at Rose’s Fine Food believes in fair compensation and pays all of their employees a living wage, aside from them receiving tips (which are split evenly throughout the staff). Another factor deserving admiration is that the diner donates a portion of their tips to a Detroit-based charity each month.

​It was a Thursday afternoon when I decided to pay a visit to Rose’s Fine Food. As I walked in, I appreciated the unique character of the diner. There were several tables throughout the small area, and a long bar-rail aside the main countertop that ran all the way to the end of the room. Throughout the diner were nostalgic posters and pictures on the walls and large jars of pickled ingredients on the shelves. I was one of few people dining in, which was no problem considering the great music playing and the bouncy waitress, chef, and busboys.

​I sat down on a bar-stool behind the countertop and the waitress, Bri, immediately approached me with a warm smile. She set a shapely pitcher of water with a small glass in front of me and asked what I would like to drink. I asked for a cup of coffee with cream, which Bri gave to me in an adorable baby pink mug on a blue, patterned plate. She put the cream on the side in a tiny, steel bell pitcher. From the cleverly titled items on the menu, I chose the #ChickpeaHash. ​The #ChickpeaHash was placed in front of me on a large vintage-styled plate covered with a stew of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and onions, delicately topped with two poached eggs and basil crème fraîche. The dish was beyond aesthetically pleasing—I almost didn’t want to eat it because of its flawless presentation. The ingredients were exceptionally fresh and delicious with a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Bri continued to check on me and refill my coffee with the same delightful energy. I asked for a box after realizing I was only going to be able to finish half of the dish. The meal, including the coffee, was around $15, a price that reflects that all the employees are paid a living wage and all the ingredients are local and fresh. As an unexpected treat, Bri boxed up a pear-cake dessert for me to take home, on the house.

​The atmosphere, service, and food at Rose’s Fine Food is exceptional. The style of the diner is one that is unique and welcoming, and the food may be some of the best I’ve ever eaten in the city. The service was beyond incredible and the prices are affordable (most of the meals on the menu are between $8 to $13). Bri also mentioned that the diner switches up its menu frequently, giving people the opportunity to try many creative, savory dishes. If you are looking to try a great place for brunch in Detroit, Rose’s Fine Food is a must!