Bierkeller Tavern and Eatery

Since opening in 2014, Bierkeller has already become a popular destination in nearby Taylor. Rina Belanger is co-owner with her Fiancé Mark Guzzardo, and their partner, Ken Claus. An American bar with a German-influenced menu, Beirkeller offers generous portions as well as a welcoming atmosphere. As the name “Bierkeller” means beer cellar, there are over 30 beers on tap. My waiter, Hassan, expressed how much he enjoyed working there, which can often translate to good service.

Chef Samantha Esparza picked her favorite items off the menu for this Mirror News restaurant review. As she delivered the meals in person she explained each dish in detail. The first thing she brought out was an appetizer called “Kellercakes;” crispy potato pancakes covered with cheese which come with a side of sour cream. There were three delicious cakes on the plate and it was hard to stop at just one.

Next, Chef Esparza brought out a German favorite, “Spaetzle,” a dumpling-type noodle paired with spinach and chicken, all covered in a creamy sauce. Then out came a burger called the “Guten Morgen” which is German for “good morning.” As the name would indicate, this burger came with a fried egg on top. The last dish I tried was the “Fo Shnitzel,” which sounds like slang, but is actually the name of a chicken sandwich. The chicken breast is hand-breaded, fried, and served on a pretzel bun.

For dessert, I was treated with a chocolate Heath Bar cupcake which owner Rina Belander brought me personally. Sugarbaby Cupcakes makes fresh cupcakes for the Tavern daily.

Bierkeller Tavern and Eatery extends a “guten morgen” to all readers of The Mirror News. Bring in this review to receive a free appetizer with a $10 purchase.

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