Benefits of Working for a Staffing Agency

You may have heard the term “staffing” or “temp” agency, and wondered, “Who are they?”

They are agencies that assist companies in finding employees, or finding employees to fill a temporary need (thus the name staffing or temp agency). For various reasons companies farm out their hiring process to a 3rd party (staffing or temp agency).

An agency then posts the position and reaches out to candidates for interviews. The agency often lets the company make the final hiring decision.

Keep in mind that the agency’s customer is the company—not you (job applicant). An agency should never charge you for helping you find a job. They are paid by the company to conduct the hiring process.
Sometimes we think of the word “temp” in a negative way, but it can be a positive for a job seeker.

Companies are hesitant to hire someone with no experience, so getting hired through an agency gets your foot in the door. When you demonstrate great work, the company may hire you directly. Think of it as a “test drive” for employers before they buy.

There are some organizations that only hire through temp/staffing agencies for that reason.

If you choose only temp positions, you may have some breaks between jobs. Some people like that. Who wouldn’t want the summer off?

Arrange your work schedule around college classes or family obligations. Working for an agency also allows you to work within a variety of industries, companies, and positions you might never have thought of trying—without a long-term commitment.

Another plus in working for a staffing agency is that they can give you additional coaching about an industry. They may offer free training on software, like Excel, Word, or Quickbooks, to help you upgrade your skills. They may even know the hiring manager, or give you inside information, to help you rise above fellow job applicants.

If you Google the term staffing agency, you will see a number of agencies. Some common ones are Kelly Services, Adecco, Manpower, Robert Half, Aerotek, Randstad, Anchor, Reliance One, LaJoy Group, Supplemental Staffing, and Crown Staffing Solutions.

As you can see, an agency might be just the open door you are looking for.

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