Being Veteran Friendly on Campus

Are you a veteran? If so, do you feel that HFC is a veteran friendly school?

Some veterans do not seem to think so. In fact, some would say there is a lack of veteran support on campus. We promote ourselves as being veteran friendly, but unfortunately, we really aren’t. When veterans enroll, the only information they receive is about their GI bill, which is a government program that a veteran earns to pay for their education.

Veterans should receive information on housing, counseling, legal aid, employment, health insurance, and dental insurance, and, if in need, veterans should be able to receive access to food, clothing, toiletries and furniture. There are also many businesses that will give a military discount to customers with a military ID card. Some places that do this are movie theaters, restaurants, sporting venues, and large retail chains such as Home Depot. There are many places that are veteran friendly, but what is the experience for veterans at HFC?

There are colleges and universities that have programs in place to assist incoming student veterans. For example, at the beginning of each semester, there is usually a special “veteran orientation” where numerous providers are there to assist the veterans with whatever they need. People from multiple veteran support organizations are all there making sure all the veteran’s needs are met. It is important that they have everything they need so they can focus on their education.

HFC has a Student Veteran Association (SVA) group on campus. The area that the office is in is extremely small, which is not a good fit for a veteran. If one suffers from PTSD, a closed space can make one feel confined. Also, more communication needs to be given to the veterans. The SVA should have more resources available to be able to attract more active members. Montrice Moore, a veteran himself, is SVA President and works hard to advocate for veterans on campus, but perhaps HFC could do more to help student veterans like Moore?

Moore will be part of a veteran panel where veterans will share their experiences on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., in K-14. It is being coordinated by HFC Social Science instructor, Samuel Plaza and the History Department. This is a free event and the public is welcome.

In addition to the SVA, the student organization, Phi Theta Kappa, has a donation box to help homeless veterans in room M-109.

Information on advocating for veterans on campus, and getting in contact with Montrice Moore at the Student Veterans Association can be found at the Student Activities Office in the Student Center.