WINGS Helps Women Reach New Heights

Many women working in STEM+B professions feel that they work twice as hard to get half the respect of their male coworkers in the workplace. Studies from Forbes, Gallup, The New York Times, and many more strongly indicate that male bosses get more respect than female bosses.

Dr. Lisa Copprue, Vice President of Student Affairs, started a mentoring program at Henry Ford College to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM+B fields. The Women’s Institute for National Global Success (WINGS), is in its second year. The program recruits female students majoring in science, technology, engineering, math, and business. Last year ten students were recruited into the program. This year, six mentees have set goals to enter fields ranging from Pharmacy and Medical, to Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and Business and Computer Science.

Students receive one-on-one mentoring from female mentors in their chosen fields. In addition to mentors from the community, HFC female faculty members and an administrator also serve in a mentorship capacity.

There are seminars and workshops that mentees must attend for additional professional, personal, and career development. The workshops give invaluable information on conflict resolution, professional etiquette, networking, healthy eating and much more.

Community involvement is required in the WINGS program to give mentees the experience of helping other women and to gain a sense of being part of something greater than themselves.

WINGS was established by committee members Linda Brandt, Cassandra Fluker, Nahla Haidar, Brenda Hildreth, Kimberly Moscardelli, Elaine Saneske, and Marina Terterian. The committee works to locate female mentors from the community, helping to build networking and career opportunities.

This year’s mentee, Rana Makki, Computer Science major, said that the time management learned in the program has been crucial to her success and she will continue to benefit from it beyond HFC. Prior to the program, she had never spoken to a woman in Computer Science. Makki was moved by the community service trip to Vista Maria, which left her speechless.

For female students wishing to join the WINGS program, contact Dr. Brenda Hildreth, Committee Chair, at: or (313) 845-9757. Applications are currently being accepted and a faculty recommendation is required. There is a deadline of March 18, 2016. Students may also contact Student Activities Officer, Cassandra Fluker, at: