Searching for a Job

Searching for a job can be challenging for students who are still taking classes at the college level. In the past, college students could count on a robust job market and the skills that they acquired through college to get a good job after they graduated. That is not the case in today’s market and many students struggle to find employment after they graduate. Students who want success need to plan and conduct their job search while they are still in college in order to set themselves apart from other job seekers. Follow these simple suggestions for running an effective job search while you are still taking classes.

Use Your Resources While you are in college you have access to a wealth of information. Professors and teachers in your field often have contacts in the industry. Your college career services office can assist you in setting up your search.

Plan Your Time Treat your job search like another class. Dedicate time to it on a regular or daily basis. Your reward won’t be an “A” but rather a job you really like!

Evaluate Yourself Find out what is truly important to you before you start looking for a job. Is it salary? What about benefits? Is the location of the job a factor? Knowing what you want will help you key in on the right job.

Ask Questions and Network Ask a professional in your field to meet for an informational interview. This is a great learning opportunity and you may just make a great contact for the future.

Get Organized Make lists, track your progress, and put together a binder chronicling your applications and searches.

**Look for Internships or Co-ops ** Many companies offer internships or co-ops through your college placement offices. These look great on a résumé and gain you practical work experience in your chosen field.