Goal Setting and Values Clarification

You are now well into the Spring 2016 semester; settled into your classes, books purchased, on time, and on target with you course work. Yes, this is a sure path to success. But success will also be experienced when you establish realistic and achievable goals for the semester. These goals need to focus on your educational life as well as your personal and work life. Keep in mind, all of these areas of your life drawing upon your time and your energy. The challenge is keeping all of these demands balanced and in play.

If you attended HFC in the fall semester, your first step in establishing your goals is to ASSESS the outcomes of your previous semester. What worked? What did not work? How did you manage your time? What do you need to do differently? Begin by setting goals around those things that you need or want to do differently. Set out additional goals that speak to the expectations and demands of your course work, family demands, and work. Set at least one goal each week for each course: one for your work and one for your personal demands on your time. Gradually add to your goals as a way of keeping focused while motivating yourself. Your goals must be specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable.

If this is your first semester at the college, take stock of the expectations and demands of each of your courses. Your course syllabus will be extremely helpful. Build your goal plan around these expectations and begin by setting at least one goal a week per course. Add family demands and work goals as needed. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable. Again setting goals will keep you focused and motivated.

If you feel you need help and direction in setting realistic goals, consider attending the goal setting seminar listed below:

Goal Setting and Values Clarification Dr. Gwendolyn Pringle Monday February, 16th 2:00 - 3:00pm LRC A-121

The Counseling Division offers a variety of student success seminars designed to support and promote your success. They are all free, so stop in and receive personal support in those areas that you feel you most need or want help!