Dearborn Boxer Dies After First Pro Match

We all know that one friend, relative, or fellow classmate that aspires to achieve fame. Whether through singing, politics, writing, or sports, they are driven towards that dream and work hard for it with repetitive practice and collective support. Despite juggling school, work, and a social life, this person never fails to make time for their passion.

Hamzah Ali Aljahmi was one of those motivated individuals. A 19 year old Dearborn resident, he enjoyed and participated in the world of boxing. His family, his friends, and even his Instagram followers knew of his augmenting passion. He worked downtown at American Coney Island, kept a healthy social life with family and friends, and managed to enhance his dream of becoming a well-known professional boxer. “His goal in life was to be the future Muhammad Ali,” Hamzah’s cousin Ibrahim Aljahmi reported to the Detroit Free Press. Ali inspired Aljahmi as a Muslim boxer. Aljahmi was a religious man known in his community and mosque, even dubbing himself a “#GoodMuslim” on his Instagram account.

Aljahmi’s hard work paid off when he received the chance to perform in his first professional boxing match on December 19, 2015, in Youngstown, Ohio. His excitement radiated through his Instagram posts, one of which was captioned, “Ready for 2mrw fight night everyone keep me in ur prayers inshallah.”

After the close but brutal match with opponent Anthony Taylor, Aljahmi was rushed to the hospital for severe injuries and was in a coma until he quietly passed away on December 22, 2015. His funeral was held two days later, drawing a massive crowd of friends, family, and community members who all gathered to mourn the loss the inspiring young man. Hamzah’s opponent reached out on Facebook saying, “U will always be in my heart, RIP Hamzah.”

Hamzah Ali Aljahmi’s story has spread throughout the world via social media and several articles, ranging from Detroit to London, have been written about the love and loss felt by those closest to him. Although Aljahmi could not continue his journey in this world, his spirit lives on in the city of Dearborn and his story continues to inspire.