David Bowie: A Rock Legend

The world of music lost one of its brilliant artists earlier this month. David Bowie, aged 69, passed away after a long battle with cancer according to the artist’s official Facebook page. His music emerged in the 70s and helped shape the sound that would define every decade since.

It’s possible you aren’t familiar with his music. It’s also possible that if you heard one of his popular tunes you might find yourself saying, “Oh, that’s David Bowie?” Maybe just, “Is that the guy in tight pants from Labyrinth?” Yes, yes it is. But for those of us who followed his career and enjoyed his progression, it is a tremendous loss.

Bowie was pop. He made tunes that made you want to strut. Bowie was also rock and roll. His music made you feel infinitely cooler than you were. Bowie was glam. He played fast and loose with his image. Wild hair, face paint. He was weird and wonderful.

He was prolific to the last, releasing a new album just days before his passing. Blackstar features only seven tracks but ever evolving, Bowie redefines himself again through its bold sound. The album is new but also still classically Bowie. The song “Lazarus” is hauntingly beautiful, written by a man coming to terms with his inevitable passing. It’s my personal favorite.

David Bowie will be missed. His music was a safe space for those of us that always felt odd or out of place in the mainstream. His song, “Changes,” encourages the listener to “turn and face the strange.” It will certainly be strange to not hear what new sounds Bowie had up his sleeve in the years to come, but turn and face it we shall.

If you’re interested to hear more of his music, Best of Bowie, a collection of some of David Bowie’s best known singles, is available wherever music is sold.