A Brave New Hope for the Lions

Lions owner Martha Ford is showing that she wants to win now, firing both the Lions’ President Tom Lewand and General Manager Martin Mayhew.

With no quarterbacks or wide-receivers that could help change a franchise, the Lions have the next best thing: two incredibly valuable bargaining chips in Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Experts have estimated that Matt Stafford is worth three first round picks and a second round pick which means that he could be traded to a team that is close to competing for a title. Calvin Johnson is widely considered to be a future Hall-of-Famer worth at least two second round picks and one first round pick. Those picks can help rebuild a team in two years.

As a team, the Lions haven’t been able to get the most of a draft since 1999 when Matt Millen took over as General Manager. They have mismanaged their draft picks by using the picks on players that you can get in the second or even the third round. The team used six first round picks on no linemen, four wide receivers, three D-linemen, two linebackers and quarterbacks, and on one running back and tight end. Most of the players did not work out or have left the team in free agency after their first contract. Already, Martha Ford is proving to fans that she is a much different owner than her husband was. The Lions now have a plan with their new GM Bob Quinn in place and seem to be building a foundation that will translate to more wins in the future.