Veterans of Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq Speak at HFC

Montrice Moore, Mark Sheeler, and Nadine Jones smile as they sit at a table in front of a projected image displaying a map.
Photo courtesy of HFC Student Veteran Association

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 HFC’s History Department hosted a special event. Students were invited to attend; this was also open to the public. This was an informational session; this was hosted in honor of Veterans Day. Last year the topic was Vietnam Veterans. This year the topic was the war era of Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq. It hit close to home, we have war heroes here on campus that were brave enough to share their story. This was meant to give the audience an inside view of life at war.

On the panel of speakers were Montrice Moore, Mark Sheeler, both who are veterans who have served in the United States Army, and myself, (a civilian). Moore and I are both members of HFC’s Student Veteran Association. This event was held so the veterans could share their life experiences and also answer questions. I was a part of the panel because of the role I play assisting veterans. I am a volunteer for AmeriCorps; I am a Veteran Resource Navigator. I assist veterans with finding their benefits. I was there to share my views and offer assistance as necessary. I am currently serving doing a civil service to give back. I am well versed in all things Military. It was an honor to sit alongside these gentlemen and be a part of a topic dear to my heart.

The discussion started off with HFC history instructor Samuel Plaza addressing the audience. He gave a little history and explained why we were there and what was going to take place. Kudos to Plaza and the Student Veterans Association for hosting this event! It was good to see so many students attend and participate.

When Moore spoke, he shared some of his fears and trials that he had experienced while serving. I appreciate the fact that he is on campus now working to try and help other veterans. Sheeler shared experiences that led up to joining and serving. He has overcome so much in his young life. Sheeler and Moore shared some intimate moments, trying their best to convey the demons they faced while serving.

Unfortunately, when veterans return home, some take time to reacclimate to civilian life. The panel discussed ways to help fellow students, friends, and family members who have served. One of the panel’s messages was to appreciate the sacrifice and service of all veterans. Plaza stated that the event went well, and plans to host a similar event next semester.

Montrice Moore, Mark Sheeler, and Nadine Jones

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