Roger Goodell Needs to Change

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell once said that he expects the annual revenue for the league to surpass $25 billion by the year 2027, according to CNBC. This seems to be the sole reason he still has his job. He puts money in the pockets of the NFL owners. I get it, but eventually you would think that the owners, who have the power to remove him as commissioner and name a replacement, would be able to select a new candidate that would focus their attention on many other important issues that face the league while still continuing to make money. Goodell should change his ways if he doesn’t want that to happen.

Goodell has mishandled a variety of situations, usually making quick and rash decisions that hurt the integrity of the league. Like his handling of “Deflategate” where he rushed to suspend Tom Brady and hand out harsh punishments to the New England Patriots. Most of these decisions were retracted after an appeal to a higher court. That isn’t necessarily a good look for the league and commissioner. Goodell usually considers himself the judge and jury on most issues in the NFL, and he needs to stand back and look at the big picture before he makes such decisions.

On top of that, Goodell continues to turn his attention to less important issues like those possibly deflated footballs and his attempts to get back at the Patriots when he should be centering his attention on the multiple domestic abuse issues within the league.

It is said that Goodell saw the video of the incident involving Ray Rice and his then-fiancée (now wife), Janay Rice, before it got leaked to the public. It is alleged that Goodell was involved with covering it up. Though Rice was suspended for two games, he later won his appeal and is eligible to play again. With many big time sponsors of the NFL backing out because of issues like these, the commissioner might want to think about changing before the owners start to think differently of him. Based on what he does to change, he could become one of the best commissioners in league history. If he does nothing, he may be looking for a new job.

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