Why Wait?

Now that you have completed your mid-terms, have you thought about the classes you want for the winter 2016 semester? In about two-and-a-half months, your winter classes begin, so it’s not too early to plan your schedule now. Winter 2016 enrollment dates: https://www.hfcc.edu/academic-calendar/winter-16

Unlike some colleges which limit you to a specific registration date, Henry Ford College has open registration from October 26 to the beginning of the winter semester. Early enrollment in classes provides you with optimal times, days, and teachers to fit your learning style, employment schedule, family responsibilities, and other commitments you have outside of college. You will seldom encounter a closed class or wait list in October, so plan early to avoid disappointment. The College has also revised its policy on the registration fee for enrollment and now fully refunds the $46 fee, if you need to drop your classes by January 17, 2016. After that date, there is no refund for 15 week class tuition.

Students commonly inquire about what classes they need for the next semester. If you are a currently enrolled student, it is important to review your program requirements with a licensed professional counselor. You can do so by calling (313) 845-9611, or by visiting the Counseling Office, on the first floor of building “A.” The counselor will be able to explain your general education requirements, your specialized program requirements, transfer options, the Michigan Transfer Agreement, prerequisites for certain health care programs, and other helpful information. Even if you are undecided about your career path, the counselor will guide you to appropriate classes and assist you with career exploration. Our experienced counselors understand the confusion that many of you have in selecting a career path that fits your needs, values, abilities, and interests. They will suggest paths that are realistic for your unique abilities and talents. Once you have selected your classes, you may register on WebAdvisor.

Here are some common problems and the offices that can help with them:

  • Business restriction (money owed)--Cashier’s Office
  • Missing transcript--Enrollment Services
  • Password problem--Welcome Center or IT Services
  • Probation or Dismissal--Counseling Office

On behalf of the counseling staff at Henry Ford College, we look forward to meeting you in October, and wish you an enjoyable and productive experience at our College!

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