Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green Gives Back

The Golden State Warrior’s current forward, Draymond Green, donated $3.1 million to Michigan State’s basketball team earlier this September. Inspired by his former Spartans coach, Tom Izzo, who gave a $1 million donation in support of MSU’s football program, Green decided to give back to his alma mater. Green played for the Spartans for four years and bounced back to the team three years later to deliver an enveloped gift of gratitude. He holds the record for the largest donation made to MSU’s Athletics by a former student. One million dollars of the donation will be spent on the construction of the Draymond Green Strength and Conditioning Center which will be inside the Jack Breslin Student Events Center. The remaining $2.1 million will be used to help pay for scholarships for current and future students. As a child and teenager, Green resided in Saginaw, Michigan until an opportunity to attend Michigan State revealed itself to him. Had Green not received a scholarship to Michigan State, his parents may not have been able to support him well financially due to their struggling state back then. Draymond Green wishes to present others with a greater chance to fulfill their dreams and attend Michigan State University. “A scholarship is what got me here, and I want to be in position to help someone else with that,” Green stated earlier last week in East Lansing.

Although Draymond Green is an amazing star forward player for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and happens to be the runner-up for the 2015 “Most Improved Player Award” and “Defensive Player of the Year Award”, he is widely known for being a “trash-talker.” On one occasion, he taunted the Cleveland Cavaliers on their loss against the Warriors, and mockingly stated, “They suck.” He was fined $15,000 back in 2013 for committing a flagrant 2 fouls on the LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin. Green unknowingly had a somewhat negative reputation with the public based on his blunt choice of words regarding his team’s rivals. Many were surprised by his abrupt and massive monetary contribution. The fact that he chose to donate a generous amount of money to support his former school was eccentric and inspiring. His action, clearly, spoke louder than his words this time.

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