Getting The Most Out of the Job Fair

For many job seekers, job fairs offer an excellent opportunity to get out and network with potential employers. As so much of applying for jobs occurs on-line these days, when a person gets a chance to have face time with a recruiter they shouldn’t waste it. Follow the tips below to make sure that you maximize your success at any job fairs you may attend now or in the future

Research! Get to know as much as you can about any employer you are interested in talking to prior to the job fair. Don’t just research open positions. Get to know the company and the industry it operates in. Learning about the company culture will allow you to ask more in-depth questions and really impress the recruiter.

Explore. I have been to fairs where the line to see some of the more known companies was long while other recruiters were standing around with nothing to do. Don’t limit your options. If you see a recruiter standing there, walk up and engage them. Smaller or lesser known companies have great work opportunities too.

Dress Appropriately. Wearing a professional outfit lets employers know that you take them, and yourself, seriously. Even if the position you may be seeking would normally allow you to wear different or more relaxed clothing, dressing professionally during the initial process is expected from most employers.

Watch your posture. Body language can convey a lot about someone. Be aware that recruiters might be watching you even when you are not talking to them. Stand up straight, square your shoulders, look attentive, and put a smile on your face the entire time you are at the fair for best results.

Ask good questions. Don’t walk up to a recruiter and ask them for a job. Introduce yourself and engage in conversation. Let the recruiter bring the conversation around to what they are looking for.

You can apply all of these tips at the 2015 Career Expo! This event will be held on October 8th from 11:00-2:00 in the Culinary Arts/Student Center (M) Building. With over 80 employers present you don’t want to miss a chance to network and connect with employers looking to recruit HFC students and alumni. Professional dress is required.

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