WHFR-Not Just Violins: Interview With Mr. Camo

Do you like electronic based music? Are you sick of the generic pop music with the same four chords that dominates the radio waves? Are you looking to expand your catalogue of genres and artists within the local area? Then look no further than your college radio station! Celebrating its 30th anniversary, WHFR (89.3fm) hosts a wide variety of musical shows that cater to many different tastes. I managed to grab an interview with the local DJ Mr. Camo! He had quite a bit to say about the electronic music scene both locally and also a bit further away from campus.

Q: What type of music do you play on you show Lights Out?

A: Electronic rhythmic music; music that is based more on the rhythm than the melody, (such as) drum and bass, big beat, trace, and hardcore.

Q: How does this differ from what you listen to?

A: It doesn’t, well; it isn’t Alice Cooper or Santana.

Q: What is the electronic music scene around campus and Dearborn like?

A: Well, we are 8 miles away from Detroit, so there is a mix of everything going on. You’ve got people who are still keeping up Detroit’s techno history (Detroit Techno Militia), You’ve got people who are using the imported London sounds of dubstep and drum & bass. You’ve got video gamers making chip tune music out of Gameboys, you’ve got unknown artists yet to release their music, still trying to figure out how they want to sound, and that’s just Detroit. There’s a little bit of everything within arm’s reach of everyone here.

Mr. Camo goes on to talk about the electronic music scene in Ann Arbor mentioning other genre artists that produce breakcore and other experimental acts as well as a nightclub called Necto and its factory nights. Moving on to Chicago, Mr. Camo tells that it is the home of house music just a train ride away.

Q: Why should people listen to WHFR?

A: It’s the only radio station based in Dearborn that can entirely play what its DJs want.” Abiding by FCC policies of course, but Mr. Camo tells me that the school of HFC cannot dictate what music or talk shows WHFR plays. Mr. Camo also says that young and upcoming artists can use this station as an outlet to showcase their work in the way that some now famous acts have. “Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, as well as countless others have performed over the air on WHFR.

Q: Who are you?

A: I am Mr. Camo, I’m a DJ, an instrumentalist, and a producer’ I’ve been a DJ here for almost three years, I like to keep my identity a secret, I’m told I have a voice like melted chocolate with a touch of cinnamon and lime juice. I like cats and also being sarcastic.

Mr. Camo tells me his favorite electronic based artist at the moment is 4hero, because of its difficult transitions from breakcore to smooth jazz. But he says his all-time favorite is Noisia.

This interview opened my eyes about the energetic underground music scene happening all around us! If you were intrigued, check out The Synth Warehouse, Lights Out, or The Mix on WHFR.