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The Future of HFC

Graphics by Stantec

The recent expansion of the HFC campus hopes to reel in a bigger and brighter future for its students and faculty by offering more opportunities in various areas of education. Patrick M. Calhoun, senior associate and planner for Stantec, unveiled his new plans at a conference recently, and there’s much to tell about them.

Hopes of optimizing the campus so that it’s more appealing and eye-catching to the public and the student body are at the main focus, as much of the technology and buildings that are part of the current campus are outdated and in need of renovation. Some of it includes the deconstruction of the Liberal Arts building, the Campus Safety office, and the current campus bookstore along with some other facilities.

Liberal Arts will be merged with the current Fine Arts building, where each educational center will be connected but separate in their functions. Each lab and classroom will be re-imagined and expanded. There is also a call to increase program connections and incorporate the new STEM program into the present curricula. Currently, a small, carpeted kiosk area fitted with several electrical outlets has already been built on the main floor, offering students a spot to plug in a personal computer to do homework.

There are also high chairs in the same vicinity reserved for students to work on group projects or study together.

While this sounds detrimental to current college functions, the strategy is to unite all these elements into a more functional and integrated setting, perhaps operating out of one building or being more condensed in other more logical locations. Each building is intended to be re-envisioned with a more modern design, where study space and community gathering areas are a center focus. A new outdoor studio and art garden are in the works, purely for a richer atmosphere for students to expand their studies in.

In the culinary aspect of the college, new proposals to expand and broaden the existing culinary arts classrooms are in discussion, as well as those pertaining to enlarging and adding variety to the current cafeteria menu where nutrition will be the main focal point. New furnishings and a fresh design aspect are also in play to help make the current cafeteria and culinary arts center more inviting and appealing to the senses.

For the time being, many of the current changes are merely discussion. However, everyone involved seems eagerly excited to see what new improvements to the school eventually come from these conferences. As was said by school President Jensen, “So far we have made no decisions. Our aim is to sense the needs of our students and hope our fiscal plans match meeting those needs.”

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