Two Sisters Helen Washington and Peggy Simmons proves that ambition has no gender.

Everything from hidden televisions in the wall to bathroom sinks made into fish bowls are only a fourth of what inventions are actually out there. Somewhere down the line you will see only a few good ideas that may actually work. But for these two business partners, the impossible is impossible when sister’s Peggy Simmons and Helen Washington invented a piece of jewelry equipped with a disk that holds the scent of your favorite perfume that allows your body heat to expand the scent. to prevent direct contact of perfume to irritant skin, this product is the dream of anyone who wears perfume or jewelry. This product is called “Fra Jewel”, a fragrance jewel for people with sensitive skin.

Sisters Peggy and Helen began their business journey back in 2004 while the world was still in shock from the 9/11 incident. Peggy started off by selling avon perfumes to different customers from her beauty shop to raise money for her oldest sons prom. One of Peggy’s customers decided to purchase a bottle of perfume resulting in this person breaking out in hives after the first use. Peggy was then taken to court but the charges were eventually dropped. After the relief of the charges being dropped, Peggy decided to create something for all of her customers with sensitive skin. Helen and Peggy gathered notes and shared them with one another and that's when “Fra Jewel” was born.

Although Peggy and Helen had many rough milestones throughout their journey, they both remained focused and continued to succeed on their product. In 2004, Helen and Peggy were then featured on the front page cover of the Detroit Free-Press newspaper for their invention. This article basically talked about what the product was, how it works and, how did the idea come up. After the feature on the newspaper, Helen and Peggy packed their bags to travel to Chicago, Illinois to attend Oprah’s: My next big idea show to try and get their product out their more. Apparently, Helen and Peggy were turned away and were told that their product was not good enough. “They told us that someone had already invented a fragrance jewel and that we could basically get sued for stealing someone else’s idea. said part owner Helen Washington, when I got home I searched for fragrance jewelry and nothing came up”.

Still thriving Today, Helen and Peggy continue to make their way through all of their troubles and maintain a tight relationship for the sake of their invention. Peggy, currently the manager of her youngest son’s musical career, still works as a beautician and works on making a new designs for future Fra Jewel products. Helen, currently a full-time music major at Henry Ford College, is looking forward to owning her own clothing line in the near future, Helen stills host fundraisers to raise money for the new design for Fra Jewel. “Fra Jewel” is expected to be on store shelves by mid 2019.

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