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For February and March 2015, HFC students Clinton Topp and Omar Dahbali were given the title of Student of the Month, for their involvement in student activities. What is student of the month? According to the Students Activities Office, Student of the Month is a program designed to “boost the morale and motivation of student leaders. Students are selected based on the execution of an outstanding programming idea or demonstration of leadership.”

Clinton Topp, the February student of the month is an active member, as well as the president of the African American Association. “He was instrumental in planning lectures and programs for Black History Month and has been involved in Student Clubs for three years,” Said the Student activities office. While at HFC, Clinton has also volunteered and helped organize several events.

HFC’s March Student of the Month is Omar Dahbali. He is attending his third semester while going for a major in pre-engineering. Omar is a member of the ISO, PTK, and president of the Engineering Club as well as a member of the AIChE (American Association of Chemical Engineers) chapter in WSU. Omar was asked a few questions about his education and how he came to be Student of the Month. This is what he said:

  1. What clubs are you a part of?
  2. Engineering Club, ISO, PTK, AIChE.

  3. What accomplishment earned you the title of student of the month for March?
  4. The biggest achievement that earned me the title Student of the month for March was finding the Engineering Club. Since then, our club has hosted several guest lecturers from different universities to inform students about the different majors of Engineering. I help organize and setup events for our club while trying to work hard with club members to develop our newborn club. I'm also an active member of ISO. I have been working hard with the group members along with the club's officers to raise money for a scholarship for international students.

  5. How does it feel to have gotten this recognition and to have your face on the wall and on the TV screens?
  6. Seeing my picture on the newspaper and on TV is an overwhelming feeling. However, I have been taught by my mom to not seek recognition for the work that I do and that I should rather be happy that I got the opportunity to help others and so I grew up with this mentality. Seeing the smile on the face of the person that I help gives me that feeling of self-satisfaction, and is the only thing that I need.

  7. What advice would you give to future students who would like to become student of the month?
  8. My advice for them is don't fight for it. Help other's with the things that you are good at and the things that you enjoy and if it's meant for you, you'll get it. If you only work towards the goal of achieving the title, then you are missing out on the real point which is helping others while developing yourself as an individual in your community. Help others for the sake of God and don't expect anything from anyone else but Him.

Great job students, keep up the good work!

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