Foreign Aid- America the Cash Cow

With the current economic crisis going on, the United States Government needs to stop sending billions of dollars every year to different countries to support their economy, and conflicts. Instead, it needs to concentrate on taking care of the American citizens who are suffering, build hospitals and fix communities.

America is trillions of dollars in debt and instead of using our tax dollars to dig the United States out of its economic grave; the government is sending the peoples’ hard earned money overseas to fund economies and conflicts we have no right to support.

According to the article, U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel, by Jeremy M. Sharp, March 12, 2012 “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II”, and President Obama consistently sends the state of Israel 3 billion dollars every year ( So ask yourself, why would USA send this much money to support Israel, its economy, conflicts and problems with its neighbors? A common answer to this question would be, “We are helping them because of what Hitler did in WWII.” And Israel is only one of the countries America funds. According to, your hard earned tax dollars are also going - to name only a few countries - Russia, Haiti, Tanzania and Ukraine.

But what about the suffering of our own people, in our own country?

Slavery had a tremendous effect on the cultures, life, and the human dignity of African Americans. They were piled into boats and sold like animals to the highest bidders, forced to leave their families to work for the rest of their lives. I believe this is worse than what Hitler did. And yet, 300 years later African Americans are still suffering from the effects of slavery. Where is their sufferance pay? I believe the United States should take care of its poor instead of sending the money to fund killing. Also this money should be given to the minorities that were horribly discriminated against in our country, rather than giving it to a people who have no relation to our country, while we ignore our own people. We should be funding schools, rebuilding jobs, and fixing our communities, not paying for weapons and murder.

Detroit the -Motor City- is in debt for half a billion dollars. Instead of the USA government sending 3 Billion dollars this year to Israel, I think they should logic and common sense fix all of our communities here in the USA. Once our economy is stable, then America can worry about other people and conflicts overseas.

With millions of Americans out of work, struggling day to day to get by, can the United States really afford to send our money overseaas to support someone else's country? Absolutely not! Instead of wasting our tax dollars to fund others, the United States really needs to reprioritize and take care of its own people. Stop the financial overseas support and fix our own problem first.

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