Worship Extravaganza!

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On October 15, 2014 the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF) hosted a concert extravaganza for all of Henry Ford College, which included free food, entertainment, and the word of God all in one. This event provided pizza for everyone, enough to feed the whole student center!

The performers for were the main topic of the evening, with two of them constituting a Christian rock group, called “Unite”. This band was amazing from the very beginning. As soon as they started to play everyone got out of their seats to sing along. If you didn’t know the words – no problem – the front men slowed down the song to the point where one could catch on and join in. It was also a very spiritually charged performance for some; with many people raising their hands in the air in praise. Unite definitely set the stage and primed the audience for the next performance.

When Trey hit the stage the crowd was more than welcoming. The entire cafeteria erupted in cheers and applause; one would think that he had his own little following here at Henry Ford. His songs entailed positive hip-hop, with kids and adults singing along to his music. The highlight of the evening was when both Trey and Unite performed a song together, allowing hip-hop and rock to “unite” all the while making people happy and reminding them that, from their viewpoint, Christ loves them.

President of the ICF, Wayne Deaston, went on stage and gave a short speech introducing the organization and informing the crowd of their club’s mission statement. He thanked everyone for coming and encouraged people to come to the bible study, which take place Wednesdays in the cafeteria.
ICF describes themselves as a very open minded, multi-cultural group that puts emphases on equality and togetherness. They meet every Wednesday in the cafeteria. If you are interested in attending just go to the lunch room at 12:00pm.

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