Why Facebook: The People of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook so users can connect from around the world and share everything their hearts desired. For businesses, it has become a tool of free advertising and promoting new products. Furthermore, it has made it easier for television stations to show upcoming programs with exclusive details.
However, for a regular Facebook member, it has become an open diary that is available to anyone who logs on. Nothing is private when someone posts about a dramatic situation, a break up, romantic conversation, and so on. A lot of people do not think of who sees their post. They also don’t think of the consequences; friends becoming enemies, partners becoming exes and the rapid contagion of rumors. Facebook is a sad cyber-world. For those who do not have a profile, you are better off.
I’ve read so much from disputes about how bad someone looks to fights between people in relationships. It’s amazing how people demean and embarrass themselves for all their friend’s to see. Relationships are possibly the most problematic. A lot of members will share experiences they have with their significant other such as pictures or a post of how their day was with that person. I do not understand what makes people want to share such private information? I’ll tell you honestly that no one really cares about your relationship.
If it’s a relationship break up, the person who is more hurt ends up bashing his or her ex and displays what kind of person their ex-partner really is. What they do not think of is how they portray themselves when talking about their ex-partner; how emotionally weak it makes them look. A few days later they will post inspirational quotes about how “there is always someone out there for everybody,” or “at least I have my friends when I need them!” If you are getting over your problems, I would strongly suggest doing it without announcing it. It’s not like you just got out of rehab and see the world differently while being sober for 2 months.
I would always see in movies that were set in the times before computers, when the girls had a diary or the guys would have a journal to write things in and neither of them showed anybody. “Hey, what happened at the party last night?” “Yea, man, I posted it on Facebook, add me and check it out!” That’s what the people of Facebook are cut down to. Rather than tell a few people what had happened at the party, they rather post to all their two-hundred friends to read and comment with their opinions. Nothing is a secret of what happened at that party. That memory isn’t going to be kept buried in that one person’s mind. It’s now documented on record for many people to see.
Lastly, not only do people not watch what they post, but also what they display about themselves: pictures, personality, contact information, and so on. Members will display their email, personal cell phone number, what religion they are, their birthday, and their political views. It’s amazing how much I would be able to find out about a person from just adding them to my friend’s list. Why would people want to display every way on how to contact them?
If you are reading this, I urge you to be aware of what you’re posting and if you may hurt someone in the process. No one needs to know everything that is on your mind. Put everything into consideration and think about how what you say can reflect on the type of person you are. I hope after reading this article, you are more aware of what you post.

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