Nursing Deli Offers Good Food and Great Service

Two years ago, HFCC nursing students didn’t have many options when it came to quieting their hunger between classes. Just this past fall, the nursing campus changed all of that by creating a café-style deli that includes a small dining area.
Most of the deli’s food comes from the Skylight Café at the main campus, but the nursing deli boasts a few original items served on special days, such as supreme nachos and Coney dogs. The deli also has three varieties of Starbucks coffee blends and a plethora of Tazo teas to choose from.
Like any café, the nursing campus deli offers plenty of bagels, cookies, and donuts, but there are some healthier choices available for those who want them. Some of the deli’s sandwiches are made using whole wheat bread and are great paired with the available fresh fruit, salads, and yogurt cups. Veggie wrap sandwiches are also available on some days.
“I use the café every day. It’s private and convenient and I appreciate the healthy options,” said nursing student Michelle Deibis.
It’s clear many students would agree with Deibis – the deli’s snaking line of students during class breaks recently required the addition of an assistant to help Tanya Woods, who runs the deli.
The deli’s popularity among the students may have a thing or two to do with Woods’ mindset toward the service she provides.
“Food tastes better when it’s made with a good attitude,” said Woods. “That’s just my personal philosophy.”
Woods not only serves her customers with a smile, but she genuinely cares about the things she’s serving them. Because there’s high demand for the deli’s soup, Woods always makes sure there’s a meatless option for her vegetarian customers and checks to make sure it’s not made with chicken broth. On days when she doesn’t have a veggie-friendly soup on hand, Woods makes extra salads and meatless sandwiches in the morning.
“Tanya is a wonderful lady,” said nursing student Levine Clemons. “She makes sure I have my coffee in the morning and always makes good conversation.”
The deli’s mad rushes and seemingly endless line of students say it all – food just tastes better when it’s made with care.

The Nursing Deli features many wraps, fruits, and juices as healthy alternatives

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