You’re an old pro at this college stuff - you’ve spent two years registering, paying for, taking, and passing your classes, but now you’ve run out of classes to take. So how exactly do you graduate from Henry Ford Community College?
HFCC offers associates degrees in applied science, art, business, general studies, and science as well as certificates of achievement in many other programs. Once you have completed all the general education and degree specific requirements, you are all set to have your diploma in hand.
Go to and look under the “for current students” tab. You will find an application for graduation, which is necessary to fill out. After completing this form, you will receive either an email with more information or your diploma packet in the mail. For graduation from the Winter 2013 semester, this form must be completed before the end of May, so if you plan on graduating after this semester, you are reading this at the right time.
Unfortunately the deadline to walk in the graduation ceremony has passed (February 15, 2013) but having your diploma in hand is really the important part, is it not? This ceremony is held in May. The commencements are only open to associates degree graduates and only held once a year. Diplomas are then mailed 12 weeks after the semester has ended, provided you do not owe a balance on your account.
For more information such as specific deadlines, more requirements, or the graduation application, visit and seek the “for current students” tab.

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