Determining Fit

I have spoken to people in the past that chose to leave a job after only a short period of time working there. There were often a variety of factors that impacted the decision to leave. Certain issues can force someone to walk away from a job even if they can do the job and do it well. Consider these areas when determining if a potential employer might be a good fit for you.
Know yourself. What do you need to be successful at work? Will the potential employer give you what you need to be successful? The work is important but the process for getting the work done is also critical. If your way of approaching work sounds completely different than how they operate you could be headed for trouble!
Check them out. Prior to, and during the interview make sure that you research the organization. Ask questions about the company culture. Talk with current and past employees to get their take on what working there is like. Keep your eyes and ears open during interviews and tours. You may be able to get a sense if the environment is right for you.
Clarify your values. Are you going to be happy about the work that you are doing? If you make great money but hate your work is that going to be enough? Do you feel pride in what you are helping the company to do? Also, make sure to check out what the company’s stated mission statement, values, philosophy, core beliefs, etc. are. Make sure you believe in what the company stands for and the work that it does.
Consider your peer group. Most people worry about liking or disliking their supervisor. You can get along great with your boss but if your co-workers are a nightmare then that can negatively impact your experience as well.

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