A person might think that we’ve moved on from the oppression of women because of the fast paced, advanced society we live in. Sadly, times have not advanced much when it comes to equal gender rights. Women are still very much as repressed as they were “back in the day”. It might not be quite as much, but it’s still there and it’s highly unnecessary.
We’ve progressed so much in the last generation, and yet we still cannot think of women as equal to men. Men still don’t care too much about the value of a woman; they believe a woman is a meek creature that they can boss around with no emotional damage done to her whatsoever. People in America are specifically suffering under this mass delusion that women have achieved equality. Men still look at their wives as docile, delicate creatures that need to be treated gently, who think it’s perfectly acceptable to disregard a woman’s objections and/or opinions toward his treatment.
Women also have the real issues of maintaining true femininity as dictated by society’s norms. For what seems like forever, women have been expected to be presented in a dainty fashion, one who is skilled in the arts of the home, craft, and fashion. More importantly, being feminine is all about appearance and nothing matters but appearance. Unfortunately, this idea is heightened to skyrocketing proportions, and with celebrities as “role models” for a vast majority of girls, having feminine characteristics can lead to devastating consequences.
Social media also puts on heavy pressure for women to become more feminine. With ads promoting rapid weight loss and breast enhancement, women will never be free from the suffocating clutches of society. More people need to enlighten their minds and to see that, even though we’ve come through change when it comes to technological advances, social change regarding gender equality still has a long way to go.
People think that the repression of women in the past few decades has diminished, but in our advanced first world countries, it is, in a sense, still there. People who believe otherwise are sadly only blinded by misconstrued reports from the media, and those reports need changing immediately.