Arts & Entertainment - Stuck: It’s More Than a Movie, It’s a Movement

Anyone who has chosen to adopt a child, looked into the process, or has been close to someone who has will know that it is not an easy process. Nowadays other countries are making it an even harder process for people from outside the country to adopt their children; which in turn leaves many children stuck in orphanages. Stuck, a documentary movie made by Both Ends Burning, was created to help raise awareness.
The movement tries help more than 10 million children who are forced to live in orphanages due to laws that were created that prohibit them from living with welcoming, loving families. The movie documents and follows the lives and legal journeys of four children from Ethiopia, Vietnam and Haiti who strive to get into the permanent and loving homes of their adoptive parents.
Stuck is designed to be so much more than just a movie, it is a movement. The Stuck tour is the epitome of this whole movement. The Stuck bus is travelling to 60 cities in under 80 days. A portion of the tour includes the premiers of the film in each city. “Celebrate the Family” times are also held prior to the showing in each city. They provide a great opportunity to share food and family togetherness with other. They bring families together who have adopted, have children of their own, or are waiting for an adoption as well.
One of the main goals of this tour is the petition. The plan is to get one million signatures on a petition supporting reform in international adoption laws by the end of the tour in Washington D.C. and to take this petition straight to Congress at the Step Forward for Orphans March on May 17. The goal is to change the lives of these children and their families and also to spark a movement for these children’s rights.
The tour will reach Detroit on May 1st and will have many media opportunities along the way. Keep your eyes open for the Stuck movement. For more information, visit

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