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Arts & Entertainment - Welcoming The Legends of Metal

Hello everyone, it’s 2013 and it is time for bone crushing brain busting metal. This year we are in for some fantastic shows we have mayhem festival, warped tour uproar and many more ridiculous shows. I am talking some really good bands that will be coming to town and I am here to give you the info you need and to let you know who’s coming in bands such as Terror WhiteChapel, The acacia strain, and Anthrax will be coming into town to destroy everything in sight. So are you guys ready for the first show to be announced? Well get ready to cause mayhem with your metal brothers and sisters because on April 6th 2013 metal alliance tour will be in town at the Fillmore Detroit. The lineup for metal alliance tour will give you a heavy metal orgasm and that’s guaranteed. First up to barrage you with some hardcore stomach crumbling metal is one of the big four Anthrax, These guys are amazing they will have you in the mosh pit in a matter of seconds ready to slam and dance around. These pioneers of thrash metal have been around for years and will get you involved even if it is your first show and another thing they will be playing their historic album Among the living all the way through . The second band to grace the stage along with Anthrax will be one of the most attention grabbing bands in metal will be in town to teach you the art of partying Municipal Waste will be in the building. This show gets better because another thrash giant will be in Detroit to destroy everything that you hold dear to. Exodus will be on metal alliance tour also this show is going to be a crazy because they haven’t been here in the D for a long time so let’s cause chaos for one of the thrash Gods.
Next up on this insane lineup will be High on Fire one of the best stoner bands out there will be joining in on the action, they were supposed to be on the rock star energy drink mayhem festival tour last year in 2012 but they had band problems that stopped them from rocking out with us. But they will be with us this year so get ready to go nuts. The last band to spill blood will be Holy Grail these guys are legends so bow down damnit because stuff is going to get real. I hope to see you guys there because I will be there in the pit destroying everything in my path. I will be spilling the beans for mayhem festival 2013 so just look out and keep tuning in so thanks for reading and keep those horns up and never stop head banging.

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