Opinion - You Call Me Red, I Call You Blue

Labels are for soup cans; not people, thoughts, or ideas. It seems that such a notion has somewhat been lost, for many people are now attuned to politics, to obviously biased news channels and to the latest opinions pundits have to dish out. On channels like MSNBC and Fox News, ideas may be announced, but they are then attributed to either the democratic or republican party, leaving room for only judgment or acceptance.
We have become a nation of polarized prospects, but in essence we all want the same thing, don’t we? Don’t we all want peace, joy and prosperity in our lives today and in the future? In many a country across the world, such ideals have become a nonentity alongside sheer survival amidst devastation.
To keep such vital aspects of a possibly good life intact, sharing ideas without attaching “conservative” or “liberal” labels onto them may be key. New views may even be discarded by groups of people simply because of this somewhat automatic act of ascription.
Thoughts may represent the people shining and sometimes lurking behind them, but they may also propose a solution, a different outlook or a fresh hypothesis. In the end, a concept has the potential of being a gem amidst a sea of ordinary, but it takes an unbiased eye to view it as such.

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