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Opinion - Anti-Semitism Needs To Stop

I am a pro-Palestinian who is anti-Zionist, but I am not anti-Semitic. People need to realize the difference between the two terms. If you’re anti-Zionism, then that means you don’t agree with Zionistic views and you oppose the state of Israel, but if you have hatred toward Jews, then you’re anti-Semitic.
Generalizing hatred toward a whole religion because of a party that comes from a certain religion has an extremely negative impact on resolving any issues.
Those living in the Middle East need to drop their anti-Semitic views if they want to see peace in the near future. Their anti-Semitic views aren’t the problem to not having peace in the Middle East; it’s just not helping resolve the issues present. Being anti-Semitic in nature plainly just labels you as a racist. You’re taking your opinions and facts about the current conflict in Israel and just placing a negative label on the Jewish religion.
Anti-Semitism is abundant in Dearborn. Whether it’s in the schools, on the streets, or at your local grocery market, it surrounds us all. Going to a Dearborn school, just the mere mention of anything Jewish creates hate spewing from all around you. People need to let go of their racial prejudices toward Jewish people, or any other sect of people around our world for that matter.
Anti-Semitism is wrong when looking at the current Israel/Palestinian conflict. Like I said before, blaming a religion as a whole will resolve nothing. Putting hatred toward all Jewish people because of the happenings in Israel is like putting the blame on all Muslim people for 9/11. All in all, hatred will always lead to nowhere and it causes more harm than good. If there is want for peace, hatred needs to diminish as peace will never come from hate.

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