News - Don’t Forget the Hand Soap

Cold and flu season is heavy upon us as the weather changes from warm to not-so-warm. No one enjoys being under the weather, so there is a constant search for new ways to beat the germs. Everyone knows washing your hands is a must, but there are many other ways to get through cold and flu season with health intact.
One of the most important things is to get enough sleep. There will always be something more you can do before bed, but keeping your immune system running smoothly may be a healthier bet. Eating healthy, wholesome foods and sleeping the proper number of hours per night will do wonders for your body’s defense.
The next step in keeping your immune system in check is vitamins. Vitamin C is especially beneficial to your immune system. Drinking orange juice is the most common way to boost your vitamin C levels, but don’t just wait until you feel that telltale sore throat coming on. Prevention is more effective than treatment, so keeping a high consumption of needed vitamins will stop that cold or flu before you see it coming. also suggests foods like kiwi, red and green bell peppers, strawberries, and brussel sprouts to boost your vitamin C intake.
Along with washing your hands, disinfecting the rest of your living areas is equally important. Doorknobs, keyboards, and countertops are among the most vital spaces to clean, and also the easiest to remember. This cold and flu season there are added risks for germs to sneak into our daily lives in a place you may not have even given a thought to – your cellphone. Studies ( have shown that cellphones typically contain about ten times as many germs as the average toilet seat. There is controversy on this issue as many cleaning agents are not tested and proven to be safe on touch screens, but that is no excuse to allow your personal sidekick to carry around added germs that don’t fit into your busy schedule.
Another controversial issue having to do with cold and flu season is the one thing your mother always told you. “Don’t go outside in this weather, you’ll catch a cold!” The main reason germs are so prevalent in the winter months is the fact that we think of the perfect winter day as being nice and warm in the comfort of our homes. According to, that is a myth. In fact, going outside more in the colder months could potentially help prevent colds and flus due to the fresh air. When we are stuck inside for such long periods of time with no outside air coming in, the germs linger indoors.
Those are just a few ways to avoid getting caught up in nasty germ traps, but there is no way to fully insure you will stay healthy this season. Although prevention is key, it is not fool proof!