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Campus Essentials - Jobs vs Careers: Money is a Tool, Not an End

Money is a resource, according to CSI star and writer Hill Harper. The National Society for Leadership and Success presented the actor in a video seminar in which he gave an overview of the concepts found in his book, The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its place. It became clear that money is not the goal but a means to the goal. He emphasized the fact that not understanding the distinction of money as a tool and not a goal should diffuse, if not prevent, life frustrations.
Harper supports concepts that are recognized by businessmen, educators, and people who have successful life achievements and outcomes. Life and career planning are among the concepts he placed as being important.
Harper described his views using the architect as a model to bring home his points. He presented these concepts incorporating his individual insight in recognizing how to use money. He said that people lose sight of themselves and their unique qualities by not keeping money in its rightful place as a tool. It would seem that he was that the greatest and most primary resource tool for anyone is uniqueness. Much of what he presented expanded on the following:

Lay a sound financial foundation

Increase in the value of interactions in your life

Use money as a tool to follow your passion

Invest in yourself
Using the architect comparison, Harper points out the importance of having a blueprint for your life. He emphasized how important the blueprint is in keeping you on track in your daily plan. Having the blueprint at hand at all times helps to prevent unnecessary actions or activities sidetracking you from your end goal. Before the blueprint he stated the need think through your end goals.
During the video presentation he shared life experiences which demonstrated how he came to accept the things he writes about in his book. He emphasizes the need for facing up to your weakness fears and reality limitations. The latter can them be overcome or used to promote life outcomes rather than undermining your goals. Harper’s presentation was interactive and a combination of motivational and instructional.
Following the video the National Leadership Society completed their membership meeting. Harper’s video was part of their on-going resources in enhancing the objectives of leaders.

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