Campus Essentials - Counselor’s Corner: The Successful Student’s Motto: Always Be Prepared!

So many of the students I have had the pleasure of working with really have it together! They are always prepared to do their very best, whether it is in relation to their academic studies, their jobs, or their personal lives. These are just a few of the things well-prepared students might do:

They make their counseling appointments well in advance of each semester so they get a head start on addressing their needs – personal, academic or career.

They come to their counseling appointment armed with the questions and concerns they want to address.

They bring their personal “work folder” that contains all needed materials for their counseling session (HFCC transcript, transcripts from other colleges, copy of their current class schedule and Program Evaluation, current financial aid paper work, etc.).

They have secured a copy of the curriculum guide and/or Articulation Agreement for the four-year college(s) they are considering for transfer.

They have their personal planner in hand to reference important dates and deadlines specific to their course work, personal concerns, and future planning.

They know their instructors’ names and how to reach them, if necessary.

They are in class, on time and prepared to work.

They deal with crisis situations when they occur, coming to see their counselor sooner rather than later.

Join the ranks of successful students by adopting the above points of preparedness. Make an appointment today to see your counselor!