Opinion - Moving Forward

It’s finally happened: After many long months of mudslinging, money-spending, and political arguing, Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the United States and will be the head of our country for four more years until 2016. Even though Obama’s not perfect, he was by far the better choice over Mitt Romney, and I’m excited, yet pessimistic about his win.
Personally, I believe love will always overrule hatred. I feel that Romney only left room for hate in his heart during his campaigning. Obama on the other hand expressed love and respect in every way he could, and that showed. People noticed, believed, and forgave.
 I hope Obama proves all the Republicans wrong. I really do. I hope he busts out the gate and gets the economy and the American people back to work. Obama has another chance to fix the tremendous pile of problems we have, and as Americans, we should work together to help him and Congress in doing so.
In saying that, self-proclaimed liberals should learn some humility, instead of taking the chance to chew out every Republican out there. The only positive thing I personally feel Mitt Romney spoke of was the push for bipartisanship, and he did that for a reason. For the first four years under Obama, there was none. Both major parties need to work together on the same ground. If they don’t, economic and global chaos will ensue with this divide.
So everyone, wake up! If America doesn’t improve over the next four years, then guess what? It won’t even matter if every state in this country allows the legalization of marijuana or gay marriage. Why? Because the economy will be so far gone, everyone will be regretting past initiatives to get these social issues to legalize. The economy is what should have been everyone’s main concern, but second-rate social issues, which are important but should have not been top priority, dominated both candidates’ campaign forefronts.
Leaving at this, I’m cautiously optimistic about these next four years, and I’m hoping that now with Obama given a re-election, he’ll be able to double down on the things that he (and I) really want accomplished. So here’s to America. Let’s move forward.