Opinion - HFCC’s Non-smoking Policy

On January 1, 2012, all three Henry Ford Community College campus locations, including the main campus, Dearborn Heights Campus, and the East Campus, became smoke free. Regardless, there have been reports from security guards about students on the main campus who continue to pursue their addiction and cause aggravation for non-smoking students and faculty.
If someone were to break the policy, which several students already have, there are 3 disciplinary actions the school follows through with. First, the student will be given a mild warning and a card that states the no-smoking policy with the ban and a name along with a student ID number will be written down.
The second time the same student is caught, there is an incident report written up. If students are disrespectful by swearing, insulting authority figures, or making threats, the student will be sent to a disciplinary hearing where the school can decide the consequences. Vice President of Student Affairs, Lisa Corrupe, sets up the student for an educational behavior program and uses appropriate judgment for students who show signs of remorse for their actions.
After the second warning, the student will be referred to a Behavioral Intervention Counselor and attend educational classes. The counselor can report if the student is improving in the program. If so, the student will not receive a disciplinary record against them as long as they do not violate the policy the third time.
If the student breaks the policy a third time, the student will be suspended for a full semester.
“Since the ban begun, we have had far fewer complaints about people being exposed to secondhand smoke. In terms of the debris, such as cigarette buds, it makes our campus look cleaner. We’ve been able to engage in education and wellness programs for students who try to quit smoking,” says Vice President of Student Affairs Lisa Corrupe.
Smoking does not only affect non-smoking students walking around on campus, but also campus faculty.
“A couple of weeks ago, I came out of the north entrance to the Liberal Arts Building. A woman was sitting on the steps talking on her phone and smoking. I stopped and told her there was no smoking on campus. She continued to talk on her phone and put her hand up to block me/wave me off. She then moved to another part of the stairs and continued to smoke and talk on her phone,” says Associate Dean of English and World Languages Division Katherine Grahl.
Since January 1, 2012, I think the non-smoking policy has not only improved our standards, but also changed the image of how other high schools and colleges see Henry Ford Community College. Smoking is more commonly seen and defined as a ‘dirty habit.’ This is why the non-smoking policy can help HFCC look clean.
If you ever crave a cigarette, why not find a substitute? Chewing nicotine gum and using the Nicoderm CQ patch are two great ways to control cigarette cravings during class time and can be a great way to start quitting. Do not let a cigarette ruin the education you paid for.