HFCC Hosts Life Science Center Grand Opening Ceremony

On Friday, October 19, Henry Ford Community College hosted a Grand Opening Ceremony to formally celebrate the opening of the Life Science Center. Dignitaries from local, state, and national areas attended as they said a few words on behalf of the future success that the Life Science Center will bring. Congressman John Dingell, Mayor John B. O’Reilly, and Dr. Thomas Petes and a few other political figures spoke at the event.
The ceremony included a live band named Palmer Jazz Trio. The band entertained the audience with classical music to make the environment welcoming to the dignitaries. The event was catered by students of the Hospitality and Culinary Studies as they cooked Hors d’oeuvres and served beverages to the guests.
President Gail Mee welcomed all the guests as she started the ceremony with kind words of thanks from all the people involved with the science center and those attending the ceremony. She announced Representative John Dingell to the podium for his words.
“The kids are going to turn out educated, bright, sharp, competitive and ready to take their place in the American workforce doing the best to build this nation. The thought that they will see to it that we prosper and restore manufacturing, are going to make us even more proud,” said Representative John Dingell.
Dr. Thomas Petes, Department Chair of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology at Duke University, was introduced as the keynote speaker for the ceremony by Dean of Science Dr Brian Kirchner.
“Upon taking a tour of his facility and meeting some of the facility and the students, I was very impressed. I am convinced that this institution and students and the faculty have a wonderful future,” Dr. Petes said.
Following the speakers, Brian Kirchner presented a token of appreciation to Steve Murrell. Steve Murrell was given a card signed by the entire science division and a $250 Amazon gift card. Dean Kirchner also awarded Lab Manager Josh Osborne and his wife Anne Osborne with a Certificate of Appreciation.
The last event held at the ceremony was the ribbon cutting by Mayor O’Reilly, HFCC President Gail Mee, Dean of Science Brian Kirchner & Dr Charles Jacobs and State Representatives.
As the ribbon cutting came to an end, there were some last minute commentaries on the event. “We were so pleased for the students and the faculty that this event was as wonderful as we had hoped. We are so gratified that so many good friends of the college came here to help us celebrate this important event today,” stated HFCC Vice President Marge Swan.
As everyone was leaving, President Mee shared her thoughts on the event. “I think it was a lovely opportunity for us to celebrate with all of our supporters. It is nice that everyone involved with the college can come together to celebrate an important occasion at the college,” said Mee.
After the speakers spoke of their appreciation and the awards were given, there was a small tour of the lecture rooms, labs, and HFCC’s newest addition to the original science building: The Hammond Digital Globe. Also called the “Magic Planet,” the Hammond Digital Globe is not only for Astronomy, but can also be used for Geology and all social sciences. It can be used to see the other 7 planets and their moons, as well.
“The view is as if the observer is in space looking down at earth from the spacecraft,” said Dr. Charlie Jacobs.
Students will be able to operate the globe with a touch screen and can change options and settings to extend the experience. Local public schools will also be able to experience this feature on field trips to HFCC’s planetarium.