Club News - The Student Council Candidates Speak

With the student council election coming up, some people are asking questions. Who is eligible for the job? Who are the candidates? What changes will be made?
There are a total of eight candidates running for student council this year. The candidates include Najib Ali Alwan, Hadi Abbas, Waleed Al-Ghareeb, Jamal Brooks, Tia Horner, Kevin Kuang, Anthony Taylor and Tiffany Turner. Each candidate was asked what they plan to do for the student council and what unique traits they bring to the table. Out of the eight, four responded on what they plan to do.
Candidate Najib Ali Alwan feels there is much to be done within the student council. He wants to promote that the student council actually exists, get students acquainted with the student council members, boost school spirit, and get students interested in sports teams. Alwan was involved in student council at his high school and was vice president of his class. He was also a member of the science club and DECA.
Hadi Abbas wants to continue things he has already done with HFCC’s student council, such as setting up panel discussions for events and trying to make changes within the cafeteria. He also wants to get a student lounge for the main campus and wants HFCC’s other campuses to get more involved with one another. This candidate is dedicated; he’s determined to make the campus a better place for current and future students. He believes a good campus will make students more involved with the college and the community.
Waleed Al-Ghareeb wants to represent the student body by being its voice as a student representative. He wants to address the needs, concerns, and wants of the students and wants to boost school spirit. He also wants to address fundraising, programs, social interaction, rules, advocacy, and the environment. No matter where the student council decides to place its focus, he wants to make a difference whether it’s big or small. Waleed is very organized, knows what he wants, and has the means to get there.
Kevin Kuang wants to amplify the HFCC experience. He sees the best trait HFCC has as the age variety within the student population. Kuang wants to paint the image that HFCC is a school for everyone and wants to make it more attractive to newcomers. Kevin is empathetic to the college students in Michigan and knows it is tough for many reasons.