CIA: Job Opportunities

Recently, members of the Central Intelligence Agency were on campus to provide some insight and make attendees aware of the many job opportunities available to U.S. Citizens, including:

Analytical Positions
Business IT & Security Positions
Clandestine Service Positions
Language Positions
Science, Engineering and Technology
and Student Opportunities

The agency needs qualified, motivated and capable persons to fill these positions, however you need to do several things first. The attributes of an applicant should include:
degree (preferred but not required)
minimum 3.0 GPA
sharp writing and communication skills
ability to positively interact with others
traveled or willing to travel
interest in foreign affairs and a foreign language considered a plus
life/work experience will be considered a plus.

Applicant drug use is the primary disqualifier for most, although exception may be made if the applicant has not used drugs for at least 365 days.
It appears the CIA wants a diverse group of people, not just the James Bond types. Do you fit the bill? Want to work for the CIA? If the answer is yes, you must consider how to prepare and sell yourself. This includes how and what you leave behind when engaged with the Internet. Leaving a social footprint, if done irresponsibly can hinder future possibilities. Remember, 15 or 50 you always want to present yourself in a mature and professional way, by not posting pictures of yourself in precarious situations or acting in a generally accepted inappropriate way. They want applicants they can trust, that will perform and not become a liability or embarrassment. The payoff – a job with the CIA. Sound like you? If not, get your priorities in order and make it happen.

There are some really great opportunities for students including Internships and Scholarships. There is too much information for this article, but in short, qualified applicants can work their summers with CIA and get paid! They are currently accepting applications for the summer of 2014. See their website ( for additional info.