Campus Essentials - Job Placement: Keep Your Resume Fresh at All Times

Even if you are currently happy and content with the job you have, there may come a time when you will want to look for a new opportunity. Regular updates to your resume can be beneficial in helping you get back into the job hunt quickly. Use the tips listed below to keep your resume fresh and focused at all times.
Apply a critical eye. When you are actively looking for that next opportunity, it can sometimes be hard to cut resume content because you don’t want to downplay any experience you have. With no pressure to look for a new job, now is the perfect time to closely examine every line on your resume and make sure it sends the right message in helping you achieve your objective.
Fill in weak areas. Now is the time to identify resume areas that aren’t as strong as they could be and add to them. Use your current job to address these areas. If you feel you don’t have enough project leadership experience, volunteer to head a new project at work. If you don’t feel strongly about your computer skills, see if you can take a class or receive additional training.
Blow it up. People get attached to resume fonts, formats, wording, and length. If you aren’t sending your resume out tomorrow, scrap it and start over. You might wind up with a better version of what you previously had.
Bring in outside help. Consult with a resume expert to get their take on your resume. Getting a fresh perspective on the document can also help you to see it anew. With no pressure to job search, you can choose to incorporate the suggestions or keep working on the document yourself.