Campus Essentials - Counselor’s Corner: Welcome Ibrahim Atallah to Henry Ford Community College

I have the honor of introducing Ibrahim Atallah, a new counselor in the counseling division at Henry Ford Community College. Mr. Atallah is the Behavior Intervention Specialist and part of Henry Ford’s Behavior Intervention Team (BIT), as well as a provider of academic counseling.
Atallah joined our staff this fall and is already making a positive impact at HFCC. Atallah has a wealth of knowledge of mental health, substance abuse, domestic/intimate partner violence, and crisis counseling. He specializes in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, and trauma. Atallah has several licenses for counseling students, people who abuse substances, and couples with marital issues. He is near completion of his doctorate program in psychology.
As noted prior, Atallah is part of the BIT program at HFCC which is designed to provide information and resources to members of the college community on risk prevention, threat identification, and procedures to report suspicious or threatening behaviors. BIT also serves to assess and respond to behaviors exhibited by students that pose a threat to themselves or others. The BIT designs strategies for prevention of potential campus threats.
However, for the student, Mr. Atallah provides personal counseling and referrals for students who are facing challenges in their lives. In the near future, he will be providing workshops and seminars on various topics of well-being, depression, and other issues. So, please join us in welcoming Ibrahim Atallah to the Henry Ford Community College family!