Arts & Entertainment - Hip-Hop with Heart

Ok HFCC, if you all didn’t know, Detroit is basically the mecca of good music. All kinds of music are featured, from heavy metal, hip-hop and r&b. October is the month of concerts for Detroit, and so far we have been visited by some kick ass acts. First, we were caught in a mosh when Anthrax came to destroy our town with killer heavy metal. Secondly, we were thrown into the pits of death metal with Dark funeral.
Lately I have covered only hard rock and heavy metal shows but on Tuesday October 2 2012, I couldn’t resist to change it up. I went into the heart of Detroit to visit the famous Magic Stick. An entertainment center that show cases concerts and has a huge variety of fun stuff that you can do while you’re there. Bowling, Billiards, and an open bar for people 21 and up. So if you’re in the D and you want to have a good time, stop by Magic Stick to enjoy yourself.
On October 2, 2012 Hip-hop was live and in full effect in Magic Stick, when the artistic and eccentric hip-hop funny man Aesop Rock came to perform. Not only was Aesop Rock in attendance but a host of other artists were there to break down hip-hop to us all. First up on the stage was the laid back and creative sounds of Dark time Sunshine ANX. These guys can put on a hell of a show delivering some good lyrics with love and respect for the city. The second and last act of the night was what we all were waiting for. Dj Big Wiz, Rob sonic and last but not least, Aesop Rock. He came on stage and said “Damn I Miss Detroit” made me and everyone in that place show love and scream to the top of our lungs.
If you missed this show, you missed out on a whole lot. Before the end of the show, Dj Big Wiz showed us his scratching skills. I have never in my life seen someone scratch and mix so ridiculously well; he was exceptional. His performance added a boost of energy to the crowds excitement. After the show was over, Aesop Rock came down to mingle with everyone and I had a chance to speak with him briefly and even take a picture with him. I also had a chance to take a picture with Dark Time Sunshine ANX. This show was awesome and if you couldn’t make it, I feel sorry for you.
Until next time you guys. Don’t stop the music from playing and have an awesome week.