Opinion - Let’s Scream!

So far this year we have had some kick ass concerts: Warped Tour, Mayhem Festival, Summer Slaughter and some other good tours that had us prepare for the fall and winter seasons of concerts. Well, for those of you who attended Mayhem Festival 2012 you already know how crazy it gets, and the others who didn’t get a chance to come out and party with everyone this year, you guys missed out big time.
This year’s lineup was just insane; twelve bands with two rotating stages and one main stage. This year’s main event was Slipknot; they delivered bone crushing stage effects with a sound that shook the lawn. It was the best show that I have been to yet. Also playing at mayhem fest 2012 was the popular screamo band Asking Alexandria. This was their first year at Mayhem Fest and they wanted to make an impression on the heavy metal scene. Asking Alexandria played songs from their new and second studio album (Reckless and Relentless) which had tracks that sounded more metal but still had a little bit of their old screamo sound. The performance was great and the intensity of the crowd was insane. Everywhere you looked there was a crowd surfer or a giant mosh pit raging across from you.
If you didn’t get the chance to experience Asking Alexandria live at Mayhem festival 2012, don’t get discouraged because they're coming to a city near you in this year’s winter North American Outbreak Tour. Also sharing the stage with Asking Alexandria at the 2012 Outbreak Tour will be As I Lay Dying, a San Diego heavy metal band that brings Metal Core to the stage with ground crumbling fury and positive messages. Front man Tim Lambesis said in an interview with Mayhem festival “all of our favorite bands we grew up listening to fined tuned their sound over the years and they never slowed down and there are the new metal bands that do slow down. We are making a point that we have fine-tuned ourselves and are never slowing down.” Hands down, 2012 is the year for hard rock tours and this winter’s Outbreak Tour will probably take the cake for winter’s hardest tour.
The next band performing at Outbreak Tour 2012 is the thunder pounding stallion speeding sound of Suicide Silence. This death-core powerhouse has shaken the ground of many tours. The most recent tour this band has taken part in is the All Stars Tour, where they ripped it up to the best of their ability. The next band in this sick lineup is Memphis May fire, a hard hitting post-hardcore band that delivers a bit of everything with their sound. Talk is cheap and these guys can back up what they say for every word. That’s why they were ranked number 25 under Revolver Magazine’s top 25 and for that they have proven their fans right.
The last band that will be appearing on this tour brings the party wherever they go and leaves a big mess when they leave. Atlanta death metal party band Attila brings the pain. We know for sure that this year’s lineup is a show stopper and will sell out for, so hurry up and get your tickets. They’re coming for us this winter on December 3, 2012. So get ready and wear your body armor because you’re going to have a good time.