Music Review: New Music From P!nk and The Killers

The Truth About Love – P!nk

P!nk is known for her awesome vocals, no-nonsense attitude, and the acrobatic tricks she enjoys performing at awards shows. The Truth About Love is very similar to P!nk’s previous albums and many songs are ready to be sent to radio stations at any time. However, the album also contains examples of P!nk’s characteristic grit, such as the fiery “Slut Like You” and “The Truth About Love.” P!nk’s softer side comes out in ballad-like tracks such as “Beam Me Up” and “The Great Escape,” which are very reminiscent of Funhouse’s “Glitter in the Air.” The best of these tracks is “Just Give Me A Reason,” a duet with Fun.’s Nate Ruess that has a beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. P!nk’s The Truth About Love may not be filled with groundbreaking content, but it is another solid release from the singer.

Tracks to Download: “Just Give Me A Reason”, “The Truth About Love” Overall Grade: B

Battle Born – The Killers
After a two-year hiatus, The Killers have burst back onto the music scene with Battle Born, one of the best rock albums of the year. Although The Killers have taken their sound in a more synthesized direction, the unity of their songs, the lyrical diversity, and the combination of moderately fast and slow beats make Battle Born a possible contender for numerous Grammy Awards. “Miss Atomic Bomb” and “Here With Me” are sweet without being sentimental, and “Miss Atomic Bomb” is the love song version of their hit single “Human” from 2008. “Flesh and Bone” is one of the most lyrically interesting songs, with nods to the band’s home state of Nevada and some reminiscing on the world of 2006’s Sam’s Town. “From Here On Out” and “The Rising Tide” are the most genre-defying songs, and both sound like country songs on steroids. Battle Born is pop-rock at its finest and fans of The Killers will believe the wait for their new music was worth it.

Tracks to Download: “Miss Atomic Bomb” “Flesh and Bone” Overall Grade: A