HFCC Acquires Synthetic Human Cadaver

September 12, 2012, Dearborn, Mich. — According to SynDaver Labs of Tampa, Florida, Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) is the first community college to acquire a synthetic human cadaver, known as a SynDaver.
Made of synthetic tissue, the SynDaver mimics the mechanical, thermal, and biochemical properties of living tissue. This technology is used to replace cadavers and human patients in clinical training and surgical simulation.
The SynDaver will be used in health career programs at Henry Ford Community College including Radiography and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).   Both departments will use the SynDaver to significantly enhance how students learn basic anatomy. 
Sharon Wu, lead faculty for the Radiography program, said that the vascular system of the cadaver “can be x-rayed with contrast medium just as we would for a human patient. This is exciting news for Radiography and EMS students.”  
Shannon Bruley, manager for the EMS program, agrees.   “It’s more cutting-edge technology that HFCC is offering to our students. It’s outstanding that we are the first community college to have a synthetic human cadaver,” said Bruley.  Wu and Bruley also anticipate future uses of the SynDaver manikin by other departments within Health Careers, Science and Nursing.

To learn more about HFCC’s Health Careers programs, please visit www.hfcc.edu, or call  313.845.9877.