From the Editor

Hello fellow HFCC students and staff,
as you may have noticed, the most recent issue that we published was quite rough. The Mirror News staff only had two weeks to complete the paper – we typically have three weeks to do so. In addition to the time constraint, we grossly underestimated the workload for the actual production of the paper, such as laying it all out, gathering high quality photos, and reviewing it for errors. The result of this unfortunate combination was the production of a paper that is riddled with spelling errors and low quality pictures.
Most of the pictures that the issue featured were either taken at the very last minute with low-resolution cameras or acquired from the Internet.  This left most of our pictures looking dull, blurry, or pixelated. In addition to the low quality photos, the news staff was so rushed to complete the paper we did not have time to fully review it for mistakes. Because we didn’t edit it, many of our headlines were misspelled. Several of our errors include: “Opporunites” instead of “Opportunities” on the cover page, “Forcast” instead of “Forecast” on page 6, and “Connecticuit” instead of “Connecticut” on page 12. The biggest mistake, however, was that “Building Bridges of Understanding” turned into “Burning Bridges of Understanding”. This unfortunate blunder changed the title of the column so it became the polar opposite of its intention.
Yes, we did stumble. However, the entire point of stumbling is to learn from the mistakes and move on. That is exactly what we plan to do. The editors and I have devised a plan to improve the quality of the paper. We increased the time for laying out the paper so that we have a better chance of catching mistakes. We also made sure to use as much original photography as possible and only resort to online photos when absolutely necessary. I am very confident the news staff will adapt to these changes very well and will continue to produce a great campus newspaper!

If you would like to contribute articles, art, or opinions to the paper, please email me at I would to love to see what you have to offer.